10 Most Effective Techniques For SEO

Techniques for SEO

Do you think that you are making use of the right tools and techniques for SEO?

Not sure?

Wanna know the best tips and techniques to earn more traffic to your site?

Well, hey you are at the right place.

Because in this blog post, you are going to learn the 10 most effective techniques for SEO, that will have guaranteed results on your site’s traffic.

Keeping in view the many misleading SEO hacks and techniques that are going viral nowadays on the internet,

Our SEO expert in Lahore has come up with a few yet the most effective techniques for SEO.

But, if you are a beginner then you might have a little hard time understanding them.

For this reason, it is advised to check out the Beginner’s Guide to SEO first,

Then return to this blog with a sound knowledge of its basics.

So, let’s have a look at them.

  1. Role of secondary keywords
  2. Use of measuring keywords
  3. Use of GIFs
  4. High ranking alternates
  5. Keeping up with the trends
  6. Have a blog comment section
  7. Use of original images
  8. Have a mobile responsive site
  9. Linking up with authority sites
  10. Increase the length of a content

Top 10 Techniques for SEO

1st SEO Technique: Role of Secondary Keywords

Techniques for SEO

Source: Google

Do you know that there is something more important than primary keywords? That we mainly call Secondary or LSI keywords. These keywords are not the ones that you are trying to rank for. But these words are rather the supporting keywords. It is the list of keywords that you can find easily from Google Autocomplete.

After the Hilltop Algorithm Update. It became clearer that the more relevancy signals you have on a page, the better ranking it gets on SERPs. Thus instead of using a specific keyword repetitively, add in secondary keywords also.

This way your content will become more informative and relevant to the topic. Thus use secondary keywords and signal more relevance to Google.

2nd SEO Technique: Use of Measuring Keywords


Techniques for SEO

Source: Ubersuggest

Firstly, it is one of the top techniques for SEO. That earns you a swift ranking and lots of visitors. But its benefits do not end here. Compare and contrast keywords allow you to rank for more than 1 keyword. As we have to compare two different things under one keyword.

It is usually the case that measuring keywords faces less competition in the SERPs. Due to which you have better chances of visibility in Google SERPs.

Besides, to compare and contrast it is quite usual to write long-form content. That allows you the chance of using the target and secondary keywords quite naturally in the content.

3rd SEO Technique: Use of GIFs


Techniques for SEO

Gif is one of the most trending image formats that everybody consumes easily.

In recent times when the internet is loaded with engaging content and options. The average human attention span has dropped to 8 seconds. Wherefore Gif helps you capture people’s attention for a longer time. That results in increasing your site’s dwell time.

GIFs are more relatable thus captures attention well. It is a quick way to show a procedure and short messages, without having to waste much time. So create your GIFs and increase users’ dwell time on your site.

4th SEO Technique: Higher Ranking Alternates

Do you know that there are other organic ways of ranking too? Let’s say if your site is taking time to get to the top of SERPs, which is normally the case. Even then there are ways through which you can earn lots of visitors and clicks.

Video section in Google

Source: Google

It is like there are plenty of elements other than the search results in Google. That you can use to your benefit. Such as:

  • The Google Knowledge Graph
  • Featured Snippet
  • Rich Snippet
  • Images
  • Top Stories
  • And Videos section

All these elements are controllable. It honestly depends on the optimization technique that gives you higher visibility in these elements. Earning a ranking in any of these elements will increase your Click-through rate a lot.

Other than this, guest posting is an option that is always available for you. Try out medium. It lets you embed 3 links at a time in a blog or article. Write a professional blog post and embed your links in it, it will surely improve your click rate as well as conversion rate.

5th: Keeping Up With Trends Is One of the Top Techniques for SEO


Keeping up with trends is truly important in the world of SEO. Asad Rana, being an Online SEO expert in Lahore, always advises his trainees to keep an eye on the trends.

An easy way to explore the trends is Google Trends itself. Other than that, Quora is another great source of knowing the trends.

See what the people are interested in, merge it into your content, and present it to the world. Such content has higher chances for ranking and a greater click rate. To mix your content with the trends you have you be very creative in your message, content, or format.

This way your content could go viral or people might take inspiration from it. You might receive backlinks in return as well. Thus infuse your content with the trend because it doesn’t take long to earn your clicks.

6th SEO Technique: Have a Blog Comment Section


comment section for SEO blogs

Ever noticed why sites with good DA always keep a blog page and comment section? 

Well, a blog page for a site is a great factor that gives out strong relevancy signals. Also, it helps to spread knowledge among your readers about your brand, business, or work.

Similarly, having a blog comment section brings you lots of benefits too. Such as, it increases trust in the eye of Google for your site. Because readers get to interact and present honest reviews and opinions about your content in the comment section.

It helps to build trust and authority of a site, which naturally improves the ranking also.

Comments and reviews always help other people decide if the content is worth looking at. Other than building up authority, it acts as a promotional strategy as well.

7th: Use of Original Images Is Among The Top Techniques for SEO


use of original image

Originality is highly important in SEO. Be it a blog, on-page content, or image, it must always be unique.

Original images make your content engaging and easy to understand. It engages people’s attention in a way that the readers spend more time on your site. Original images are always more relevant to your content.

Besides, there’s no risk of copy-right strikes. A well-optimized, original image always has greater chances of ranking higher in SERPs. It also compels people to use it in their blogs, which can earn you a link in the source as well.

8th SEO Technique: Have a Mobile Responsive Site


Techniques for SEO

Ever thought about why more and more people are making their sites mobile-friendly?

More than half of the internet searches are done through mobile devices. Thus think of what would happen if your site is not mobile responsive at all. You will miss on the 57% of users who search through mobile phones.

Our SEO expert in Lahore lists it among the best techniques for SEO to reach a wider audience.

A mobile responsive site loads quicker. And makes the font and media readable and viewable for the mobile audience. All these factors ensure a good user experience. That compels users to visit your site daily for more information and good reads.

 9th: Linking up to Authority Sites Is One of the Best Techniques for SEO

Technique for SEO

External linking is a part of Google Algorithm updates. That is very beneficial for a site, for it signals keyword relevancy to Google.

If you create an external link to a site, it lets Google crawlers crawl that linked page also. That helps a crawler to understand your topic better.

External linking builds trust, the site’s authority, and its ranking. It is a good way to give credit also to the source from where you took the inspiration. Thus add more internal links to your content so that you rank faster in the SERPs.

10th: Last of the Techniques for SEO – Increase length of a content

Increase length of a contentThe length of content counts as a ranking factor for a webpage and blog.

It always takes time and effort to produce good content that Google might consider valuable for the reader.

Google always prefers long-form content. For it has enough space to add primary and LSI keywords to it. So that it becomes a lot more relevant to your keyword.

The average length of content is between 2400- 2500 words long. That reflects your research and expertise for that topic. This is why such content has greater chances of ranking higher in SERPs.

Besides, you can embed more images, links, and keywords in it, which improves a ranking naturally.


You will find more techniques for SEO over the internet, but these 10 are the most effective ones. Apply any of these best techniques for SEO and see the results. I’d suggest you use all of them together and check their effects on your ranking. It is a perfect set of techniques that helps to achieve a higher ranking in SERPs. And all of them are as per Google’s ranking factors. Lastly, let us know which SEO technique worked best for you in the comment section.

Asad Rana

Asad Rana

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