12 Powerful Lessons From The Book Tools of Titans

12 Powerful Lessons From The Book Tools of Titans

In this article we will discuss about best 12 lessons From The Book Tools of Titans

  1. When 99% of people doubt you, you’re either gravely wrong or about to make history.
  2. The most important trick to be happy is to realize that happiness is a choice that you make and a skill that you develop. You choose to be happy, and then you work at it. It’s just like building muscles.
  3. If you ran into an a*shole in the morning you ran into an asshole.
    If you run into a*sholes all day, you’re the asshole.
  4. Creativity is an infinite resource. The more you spend, the more you have.
  5. If you let your learning lead to knowledge, you become a fool. If you let your learning lead to action, you become wealthy.
  6. Investing in yourself is the most important investment you’ll ever make in your life.
    There’s no financial investment that’ll ever match it, because if you develop more skill, more ability, more insight, more capacity, that’s what’s going to really provide economic freedom.
  7. I always advise young people to become good public speakers (top 25%). Anyone can do it with practice.
    If you add that talent to any other, suddenly you’re the boss of the people who have only one skill.
  8. The superheroes you have in your mind (idols, icons, titans, billionaires, etc.) are nearly all walking flaws who’ve maximized 1 or 2 strengths.
  9. Give vulnerability a shot. Give discomfort its due. Because I think he or she who is willing to be the most uncomfortable is not only the bravest, but rises the fastest.
  10. If you want an average, successful life, it doesn’t take much planning. Just stay out of trouble, go to school, and apply for jobs you might like.
  11. Goal is to learn things once and use them forever.
  12. Fighting emotions is like flailing in quicksand—it only makes things worse. Sometimes, the most proactive “defense” is a mental nod and wink.
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