15 Inconvenient truths you must never forget?

In this article I’ll tell you about 15 inconvenient truths you must never forget


  1. No one thinks about you as much as you think they do.
  2. Successful people aren’t smarter or more creative than you. But they do execute better.
  3. People care what you can do for them, that’s it.
  4. Stop chasing shiny objects and start doing what you should be doing.
  5. If you spent as much time acting as you do thinking about acting you would be halfway to your goals by now.
  6. Writing, exercise, clean eating, sunshine, and meditation can solve almost every modern-day problem.
  7. 95% of productivity is putting your phone in another room.
  8. You only have three resources:
  • Time
  • Energy
  • Attention

When you waste them, they’re gone forever.

10. If you’re watching videos on productivity then you’re not being productive.

11. Stop complaining about the game and start learning the rules.

12. You have an ego problem if you’re afraid to publish imperfect things online.

13. The people you look up to have been where you were and have gone through what you’re going through.

14. Your results would be 10x better if you did what you told yourself you’d do.

15. The market rewards products that are positioned as the best solution.

16. The most inconvenient truth no one wants to hear:

Success comes from doing the same monotonous things every day for years.


Embrace these truths.

Denying them will lead to a life of self-hate and regret.

Thank you for reading.

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