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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a newer concept that defines doing marketing efforts on Digital Channels. These Channels are basically any means of communication but are able to broadcast to larger audiences. Such channels allow for response and interactions between the sender and receivers of the message.

Digital Channels include Websites, Email, Social Media, Search Engines, Mobile Apps, etc. So the activities that are common in digital marketing include the following;

  • Social media Marketing,
  • Paid Search Marketing,
  • Search Engine Optimization,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Automation of Sales.

Digitized Marketing Services provide all essential services that are mentioned above.

The Power of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become a buzzword of the modern-day internet, but why is it so important? Looking at facts we find that the world’s consumers are shifting towards digital media: About 6.64 billion people have smartphones which means 83.89 % of the world population has access to mobile phones internet.

About 62.5 % of the world’s population is now an internet user and 6.64 billion people are mobile phone internet users; the same amount of people use social media each month. If the consumers are now digitally present, marketing needs to be there as well.

Best Digital Marketing is much more beneficial than traditional marketing because it reaches more people in less period of time. It is more personal, allows more engagement from the customer. It also allows innovative communications, is important for online sales and reduces costs.

Digital Marketing Skills

The most significant digital marketing skills are;

1) Social Media Management: This involves tasks such as post-making and sharing, social media advertising, increasing followers, measuring the performance of posts and dealing with customer queries

2) Ad Creation: This involves creating appealing, effective & relevant ads for social media

3) Blog Writing: involves coming up with new topics & information that makes people read your blog

4) Lead Generation: involves creating frameworks that allow for more people to be interested in buying a client’s product.

Thinking Like a Digital Marketer

What goes inside the head of a successful Digital Marketer? Are skills more important or planning? Thinking like a marketer is more important. Marketing thinking involves a few core concepts. The first concept is to learn that the end goal is always the customer.

A Marketer should focus on people’s interests, behaviours and group sociology. A marketer should always do an activity only if it engages customers, provides them with some value and solves their problems. He/she must be creative in their approach, Adapting to the environment and challenge loving.

Social Media Management

The job of a community manager is to promote a brand online using the social media page the client provides (excluding ad making) along with interacting with all the followers of the page. The idea is to post content that gets more followers on the page, get them to talk more, create insights from the conversations and add value for the followers.

A good community manager is always active when the followers are active, mentions them in posts, is polite and courteous, promotes the brand without actually ‘selling’, answers all the questions of people and allow for engagement amongst the followers as well.

Ads Creation

Ads Creation is an important task in Digital marketing. The number of customers engaged depends on the quality of ads that the marketer creates and are rightly placed at the right time.  Ad Creation means creating Ads on a variety of channels.

These Channels Include

1) Websites: Website ads a known as display ads which can be static, Text, Popup, and Flash.

2) Social Media: These ads are posted on social media sites and can be paid or unpaid.

3) Search Engines: these are called search ads and involve keyword setting and paying per click. Along with this retargeting is an important concept used in digital ads. A marketer must know how to utilize cookies. To create good ads on these platforms, one must remember to research properly, use variety in the content and adapt to the current trends on social media.

Blog Writing

Blogging is writing digitally on a focused range of topics that allows conversations between the readers. Blogging is famous because it can be used to create a deeper level of relationship with the readers/customers. A good blog has a good relevant, timely topic, with a great colour & font theme, captivating posts and provides actual value of information to the readers.

To maintain a successful and interesting blog you should always know your audience and then write. Keep the interest of readers in mind, be a consistent poster, be creative in the content, use tons of digital tools to spice things up and lastly be a good writer.

Lead Generation 

Lead Generation is the process of finding people who could be interested in buying your product.  A lead can be anyone from a simple visit to the person about to pay for the product. At each step, we say the lead has qualified for this step. The process starts when you place an ad for viewers and call for an action (like click the ad). That action leads to a landing page, which is the first webpage the user sees after doing the action.

The landing page asks for more information from the visitor and he/she becomes a good lead. Some of the techniques used for lead generation involve blogging, emailing, search ads, affiliate marketing: placing products on e-commerce websites, influencer marketing: asking social media celebrities to promote the brand and holding competitions that give out prizes.

Organic Reach

Facebook insights provide a lot of information for a digital marketer. The most important out of these perhaps I the figured is “reach”. What is reach? Reach is the number of people who have viewed your page or your post or your ad.

Organic reach is the number of people who have viewed your page/post without the need for an ad. This figure is different from the number of your followers, this is because people may mention friends in comments on a post or someone may mention your page on their profile as well. Reach you get from paid advertisement is called paid reach.