Does Every Start up Need Best SEO Services?

Does every start-up need best SEO services?

How many times have you dealt with the same customers? if you haven’t dealt with them,best seo services  it means your competitors are dealing with them from different digital marketing channels on a regular basis, the reason is you are not in the mind of your customers they don’t remember they just search on Google and you are not in the list but there are your competitors  to deal with them how?

Do you want your organic traffic to come directly to you? as your competitors are getting on a daily basis , you must know how they are getting good sales and what are their strategies though they are getting huge traffic.

Your competitors are working from many years they have strong hold on the traffic through their digital marketing how a new start-up will get traffic, how customer would come to know about your products or services these are the key problems which every have start-up have to face and spend huge budget on advertisement but failed to get traffic as compare to their competitors.

There are many problems for new start-up they have already spent a lot in production and in  other site but main problem occurred when you are not getting sales so lets come to the solution ,Yes every start-up need best SEO services. Why SEO is so important for start-ups , or for running businesses there are many advantages of SEO let’s discuss few of them.


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Top Advantages of SEO Services

Establishes Credibility 

When you have created your brand through digital marketing services the most important thing is to maintain it .your customers definitely invest in your brand if you keep providing them quality products or services

Another way to create trust is SEO. When a customer searches and it shows top rank results the first rank is more credible then the second   and other customers get to know the credibility of the product and consider you more credible than other competitors.

SEO with its digital properties like on page optimization and off page like backlinks profile , where  you can get backlinks from high domain authority sites , these sites who have huge traffic assure Google about the credibility of your site that’s why they give you backlinks and the Google algorithms will automatically rank you.

It’s Free

SEO can be free along with many free tools to use, like keyword planner, Google analytic and Google search console.

With Google analytic a company can see what users are doing on a website. Google search console shows the founder what exactly searched and how a customer landed on the website and broken links which are bad for SEO health can easily be identified.

Keyword planner gives idea about customers mind , what actually they want to buy? They searched their desired products or services name with keywords ,which Google provide free through keyword planner. Its gives monthly traffic on which keyword they are getting organic traffic. A founder can easily work on their keywords can rank their websites.

Work 24/7

You don’t need to spend a huge amount on print media or electronic media. It will show your product according to their timeline and charge you a huge amount. Let SEO work for you 24/7 even if you or your team is sleeping or on holidays SEO will generate traffic for you  it works organically if your direct customer visits something related to your products or services it will automatically show you even in the absence of your team.

It doesn’t require any timeline or limited hours to show your product is parallel with your organic customers. If they search in your domain it will create your visibility in a better way than your marketing team.

Global Availability



Early on, it was quite difficult to find a local trustworthy SEO agency to cooperate with. This means that even if you wanted a simple quote, you were required to go on a worldwide search for appropriate partners. Nowadays, however, this is no longer the case. Every major business hub now has an excess of talent. Some of which may even have universal acclaim in their field. For example, even a small company shouldn’t have a difficult time getting in touch with a reputable SEO agency. This way, the infrastructure of this digital marketing collaboration becomes a lot simpler and more effective.

High Traffic

“It’s been proven that organic traffic — traffic that comes from a search like on Google. It converts 400 percent better than any other type of traffic besides email marketing”

SEO helps startups get traffic that can yield conversions and revenue. Instead of spending amount on social media advertising , or other you must have best practice of SEO. It will generate more organic traffic than others

You can start getting more traffic once your keywords ,which  don’t have high searches and don’t have high competition , like long tail keywords, particular keywords can be ranked easily and  generate high traffic for you.


In the end, running a startup means facing plenty of challenges, spending huge amounts and time. Proper SEO tools and practices can help you evade at least some of them. Also , seeing as how all your competitors are already investing in SEO. By avoiding doing the same ,you could be left behind and organic customers can easily be entertained by your competitors. The above five are far from a complete list of advantages; there many more you need to consider SEO in your new business to make a successful startup

Asad Rana

Asad Rana

Digital Marketing Specialist