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Why are people enrolling in our online SEO training?

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in the ranking of any website. Every SEO expert must learn A to Z concepts and skills of SEO.  We are providing the best online SEO training in Pakistan.

Why Us?

Asad Rana is providing a two-month practically based training.  It includes all aspects of digital marketing skills. This course gives a complete in-depth knowledge and practical gripe to newbies in this field.

The duration of this course is eight weeks. Online  Facebook and what’s app groups facilitate the students about their queries.

The course fee is also very affordable. Students can pay the fee in two installments. Assignments are mandatory, and it is compulsory to show their practical work before starting the next session.

One of the essential parts of this training is an internship program. During the internship program, students become part of a team to work on live projects. How to get projects from various online plate forms. Extensive keyword research carried out via manual keyword research and Ubersuggest.

Tools training is an essential part of this training.  Following software is part of this training.

  1. Keyword Planner
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Google trends
  4. Google analytics
  5. Different Chrome extension
  6. Free WordPress website creation
  7. SEO Yoast Plugin
  8. Rank Math
  9. Blog
  10. Grammarly

that’s why our students are providing freelance services after online SEO training from Anyone who wants to become the right SEO expert can take part in our program. The course outline is given to all students at the time of enrollment.

This online SEO training’s main objective is to create many digital marketing experts in Pakistan. Day by day requirement of SEO services is increasing rapidly. This course is designed. Every student can work independently after this course on any online platform like Fiverr or Upwork. Some free tools are provided to the students to start their careers.

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