Who is SEO Expert?

Who is SEO Expert?

An SEO Expert is an experienced marketing professional who is equipped with skills and techniques to improve your website ranking up in google and other search engines.

He or She will generate keywords, content and apply techniques to give your website flourishing visitors.

Why do you need SEO Expert?

An expert is always handy when you are going to enter a specific market by establishing a new business. On the other hand, you are already in this game but lagging.

Same in case with Search Engine Optimization experts, they came to help when you require more visitors to your website.

An SEO Expert will increase traffic to your website by generating more and more leads to your business, and eventually, a healthy profit and growth are attained.

How SEO expert will work:

SEO Expert

Whether you are going to launch a product, changing it, or improving its overall functionality you are always looking for an increase in your sales. That is the most demanding goal of every business.

Furthermore, it is always better to hire someone with professional knowledge and techniques.

So here, we will discuss the working of SEO experts in simple words so every class of people can understand easily.

Perform First SEO Audit

Before starting to work they need to have a thorough audit to understand the current standing of the website.

SEO Expert will provide detail of the current standing of your website in respect of Search Engine Optimization with reasons.

Your DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) and SS (Spam Score), etc detail will be shared with you along with SEO strategy.

Start Keyword Research

Your client traffic always revolves around keywords. Keywords are the words that are searched by users on google if they need any information.

If you write “best SEO expert” on google it will give you suggestions about what people are searching for on google in your region.

Therefore, it will add words like “best SEO expert in Pakistan” and “best SEO expert in Lahore” etc.

So in this part SEO Expert perform proper research on keywords that are mostly searched by your potential customers and suggest adding them on your pages for traffic.


The SEO experts will use “google keyword planner”, “bing keyword research” and other tools.

Adding good material with the top searched keywords will generate healthy traffic to your website.

Creating Google My Business

Every company should have Google My Business to make itself visible to online customers near it.

SEO Expert will create Google My Business account with all necessary detail for potential customers to easily find you at Google.

Google My Business

He will work on Local SEO so you are visible to customers who are searching “near me” and will directly access you on time.

You will get reviews from clients and enhance the level of your services to make yourself more valuable.

On-Page Optimization

A well-maintained on-page material is always beneficial to your brand.

SEO Expert will start working on your website pages and make sure that you are using keywords and phrases on pages that will help to rank on Google for traffic.

Backlinks Creation

Backlinks are the links that are created on another website that refers to your website by using a direct link.

Therefore, to generate more traffic and enhance the ranking of your website you need to create massive backlinks.

Therefore, it is only possible with SEO Experts working. If you are making backlinks without any knowledge and expertise, trust me, you are going to make it worst.

An SEO Expert knows where and when to create backlinks that are beneficial for traffic generation.


SEO Expert is a very useful resource to make your business Boost. The SEO expert will use all tools, expertise, and techniques that only he or she can implement. Therefore, when you need to increase your website traffic and customers let the expert work for you.

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